Traditionally, publishing companies print and distribute their books through their distribution channels (primarily bookstores) at the standard royalty fee of about 90% of the revenues, leaving the author with only about 10% profit – mere pennies on the dollar.  But because these services are now of a dwindling and dubious value, this is often not a fair compensation. We at And/Or Press can both advocate for authors and offer them a fair deal for our services.

By using ebook and print-on-demand technology, broad online and digital distribution to enable our authors to cost-effectively reach a global market.

In the past, it’s also been the marketing branch of traditional publishing houses that would disappoint many authors. Marketing is half the work of selling books so we have developed an innovative web marketing structure, which includes strategies from branding through social media to Internet advertising support to handling SEOs and metadata.

Team Members

Editor, Judy Kulick
Judy has a diverse background of working with multiple writing genres with a strength in finding and supporting the author’s unique voice in order to successfully reach their audience. She runs the gamut from proofreading and copy editing to developmental editing and supporting research. If desired, Judy will deliver an in-depth report addressing the overall content’s organization and style, clarity and continuity, strengths and weaknesses, while suggesting changes to improve your writing in a way that’s consistent with your goals.100

Design and Marketing, Online Realign
After the unique design, layout and e-formatting of your book, Online Realign will develop and implement an innovative digital marketing structure — because releasing your book without marketing is like singing in the wind, no one will hear your voice. Through building and maintaining relationships with future, current and past readers, we’ll make the launch of your book successful and its online presence noteworthy.